This is where we celebrate those that have transformed
their lives with a little help from us.

Read stories about individuals that trusted us and had the courage to make changes in their lives by calling a truce on the war they have waged against their bodies. Don't suffer anymore. Join the project now.

"I feel so fortunate to be working with Cyndi as my personal trainer. I don't think you have any idea what you have done for me. You've taught me great technique, know just when to challenge me, and you are positive, encouraging, and motivating. You have a way of keeping me focused and interested. And I appreciate that when I'm working with you - I know I have your undivided attention, and that you are there for me. You've shown me how to enjoy exercise, take small steps and stick with it, take breaks when I need them, and most importantly, to listen to my body and my mind together. I feel the healthiest I have felt in a long time.


I love working with you. I love your humor, your drive, your professionalism, and your willingness to reach out and share yourself and your knowledge with others. I'm so lucky to know you."

/// Terri

“I love reading your articles. I have suffered from many years and still to this very day suffer body issues and self-esteem issues even more so now than say 10 years ago. Thank you for keeping it real and helping others including myself slowly come to terms with our bodies and the ageing process. Thanks again!"

/// Kate

"Your podcast with Summer really profoundly impacted me. I have been in this struggle for so long. Hearing what you said about accepting your body, eating, etc...Sometimes you just need the right words..I have read it all, done it all, but somehow your words today, have, I believe right now, struck me differently. I am so grateful. This is the work you should be doing to help others. It's your calling, it's your purpose. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!!"

/// JoAnne

“I want to personally thank you for your continued inspiring messages. As a counselor working with numerous clients with eating issues/disorders, and having attended a gym I ultimate left because it was (in my opinion) encouraging unhealthy, extreme behaviors, and shaming those who couldn't maintain "low body fat and strict eating", it is DELIGHTFUL and REFRESHING to read your balanced and rational thoughts about food, exercise, weight and self care. I read your posts and nod and say YES YES YES!!!! You help me [and my clients] every single time I read one of your posts. THANK YOU simply isn't enough."

/// Jennifer

Will you be the
next success?

/// Dawn

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you continue to do for me. I don't know what to say. I wish I believed in me as much as you do. I've been living under this dark cloud for so long, and I'm feeling like I don't have to, and that I don't deserve to. I am so hopeful and just want to thank you again for being there for me."

“You know you have found the best personal trainer when you're running your first 5k in 90 degree heat and your trainer (a former marathoner) is running with you, at your pace, encouraging you the entire time!


The best part about training with Cyndi is that she meets you where you are - both physically, mentally and emotionally. She makes fitness fun and healthy and focuses on your wellness as a whole. I would not consider training with anyone else. We just celebrated our two year training anniversary!!"

/// Jennifer

Cyndi is the kind of trainer for you if you want to receive results that don't always show up in the mirror. She is someone who is going to listen to you and teach you to listen to yourself. She will encourage your body to move in ways you never thought imaginable. She will help you strengthen your muscles and your will. Cyndi is an intuitive trainer who uses her years of professional and personal experience to motivate you in the most positive way. If you are looking for a trainer who is going to push you to your breaking point and leave you hobbling out of the gym, Cyndi is not for you. You walk away from her sessions with your head held high, a smile and sense of accomplishment that you are making daily changes inside and out."

/// Rebecca

“The workout you created for me today was a blast! It was challenging yet easy for me to follow and it flowed well. You are great at what you do, and you will be successful as you follow your next dreams."

/// Laura

Before I began my personal training sessions with Cyndi, I had no idea how to exercise effectively. Trips to the gym would leave me feeling lost and self-conscious. Through our sessions, Cyndi taught me how to listen to my body, exercise in ways that I enjoy, and make movement a part of my life instead of just a frustrating chore."

/// Kristal

Cyndi is an excellent Personal Trainer. I have been working with her for close to two years. I started to see her with a set goal of how much weight I wanted to lose --10-15lbs. to be exact. Not only did she challenge me as to why that was a goal vs. being a healthy person in the body that I have. The result is that I am physically stronger than I have ever been. My lower back pain that use to trouble me has been reduced by well over 90%. So not only has Cyndi gotten me in better shape and made me strong (which she does with a smile). I am working towards accepting myself as I am. Thank you Cyndi!"

/// Carolle