When you think of "Everything in Moderation", what comes to mind?


If you have found a good balance in life, it probably means that a little bit of a lot of different things is a good idea and a strategy you easily practice. But, not everyone has found a good balance in life. Not everyone thinks it means what it really means, which is the avoidance of excess or extremes. A person who has dieted, removed entire food groups in an attempt to be "healthier" or restricted in the hopes of shedding body fat is afraid of moderation. I can see why. Dieting is all or nothing. You are either on or you are off. To a dieter's mindset, moderation means "eat all the things" because it's a black and white mentality. You are so far to one side of the equation, you immediately go to the opposite end of the spectrum and it scares the hell out of you. A dieter/restricter is very rigid in their thinking. They have a lot of conditions. They don't know that they can have harmony in the middle, because that is not where their Type A mind is. But, hear this: you can. You CAN be one who practices "everything in moderation", but it is just that: A PRACTICE. You aren't going to get it right at first. You will need time to adjust to having a diet of inclusion as opposed to a diet of exclusion, which means you're going to go bats**t crazy eating all the things. This is because your body is desperately trying to find homeostasis and it needs the opposite extreme in order to balance itself. The goal is to have everything in moderation and to live the true definition of the word. But, don't expect this to be a straight shot. The journey is not linear. There will be detours, twists and turns. Expect them. Be okay with them. Refrain from judgement. Let yourself go. Embrace the process. Allow healing. You are worth the effort!

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