Your Opinion - Give It or Not?

Our job is to own and live our truth, not tell others what their truth SHOULD be.

OPinion Bubbles

I remember the days leading up to my decision to finally stop the nonsense of obsessing about food and fitness. Every new fad I happened upon, I felt the overwhelming need to evangelize to the masses. Whether it was the latest and greatest exercise fad, like running marathons and Crossfit's WOD or a direct sales nutritional company, I felt compelled to "save others from themselves" and show them the "way, the truth, and the life", as it were. I was convinced I had the inside track and owed it to the world to "share my story". Well, I realized pretty quickly that unsolicited advice is often unwelcome advice too. I ate my fair share of humble pie (since I no longer had any dietary restrictions - little joke, here) and decided I had been pretty arrogant. When I declared my freedom from diets and disordered eating, I had a similar impulse. I would read posts from other people I knew who were touting the latest and greatest diet or pill or fad and I felt that same feeling. I felt like I had the responsibility to intervene and save them from all the heartbreak that I had gone through. Funny thing about that though: you cannot deprive others of their pain. No matter what you may think or what you have learned, you can't prevent people from learning their lessons or walking their path. I'm sure lots of people tried to help me back in the day and their words fell on deaf ears because I just wasn't ready to hear them. You need to be a willing participant in the game of change. It has to be in your own time and on your own terms. So, friends, let your example speak loudest. Sure, if someone asks for your advice, help or opinion, give it, and give it lovingly. But, until then, it's best to mind your own business and keep your eyes on your own body and your own plate.

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