It's Your Journey. Have You Found Your Way?

fork in the road
​In the past, I wanted to accomplish certain things/states of being:

  • I wanted the perfect body

  • I wanted to win/place in my age group at every road race I participated in

  • I wanted to be the first pick

  • I wanted to be the highest praised

  • I wanted to be more, sell more, win more.

  • I wanted validation and attention so BADLY.

Fast forward to this moment: the intensity of that purpose has left me. I no longer have the incessant need to achieve, accomplish, compete, drive and force. I never wanted these things for me, really. I wanted them for what I thought they would bring me. When we try to be all things to all people and rely on external sources to lift us up and make us feel important, we lose touch with our purpose and reason for being here in the world. You cannot stand on your head in enough ways to please the people in your life. You just can't. If that is your mission, if that is your work, you will have much disappointment and frustration.

Life gets a lot easier when you realize that it's about YOU and YOUR journey. It's about caring more about what you think, what you want, how you feel, how you celebrate yourself and how you show up in life than how others may acknowledge or recognize you. This does not make you selfish and uncaring. This makes you balanced, grounded, stable, strong. It makes you more available to love others. It makes you more available to help others. Make your opinion about YOURSELF matter more than the opinions of others. When I made the choice to learn how to love myself more, the superficial goals and dreams I had began to fall away. I realized that I had expended so much energy trying to get people to love me, I barely had any energy left to love myself. My light got dimmer and dimmer. Don't deprive the world of your gifts. Don't deprive the world of the precious blessing that you are.

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