Monday, Monday...Can't Trust That Day...Or Can You???

Hello, Monday, my old friend. Long time no see.


When I was dieting, Mondays were always THE day. That was when I would "start" my new regime, whatever it happened to be at the time (hint: it was a diet cleverly disguised as a "lifestyle change"). I was filled with hope and resolve, because this would be the beginning of my new life! This is where I would shed the body fat that was the cause of all my misery and I would FINALLY have the life that I always dreamed of! How many of you read that passage, shaking your head up and down saying, "uh huh" or "you did that too???". I bet there are a lot of you. And here we were all thinking that we were such special snowflakes (wink, wink). This honeymoon period with the diet du jour could get you through a few days or even a few weeks, but it could never last, could it? It was all sizzle and no steak (throwback to the days of high carb...remember when pretzels and fat free everything was considered health food?? But, I digress). You had the excitement and the novelty of something new which would quickly be replaced by the realization that you couldn't stick with this new plan either. You were too weak willed, too lazy or, even worse, too hungry.

  • What if a Monday could be like any other day?

  • What if there were no extremes to bounce between?

  • What if we could just learn to eat when we were hungry and stop when we were satisfied?

  • What if we figured out the types of exercise we genuinely enjoyed and just did that because we wanted to???

  • What if you made peace with the body you have right now and decided to just stop saying mean things about it?

Oh, is it you Monday? Back again? I hadn't noticed. It's just like every other day. Say yes to normalcy. Say yes to balance. Say yes to Monday.

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