What a Personal Trainer Really Is

Contrary to popular opinion, "Personal Trainer" is not a synonym for "Fitness Model".

Personal Trainers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short. Some are tall. Some are slender. Some are round. Some are leaner than others.

What all Personal Trainers should possess is a combination of credentials and knowledge. They should be able to design safe and effective exercise programs for the appropriate populations. They should engage in regular physical activity and lead by example. In addition, it helps if they are caring, compassionate, kind and good listeners. They are not, I repeat, are NOT obligated to look a certain way in order to be reputable or successful.

Personal Trainer

Bill Belichick is one of the greatest NFL Coaches of all time. He in no way, shape or form, aesthetically resembles the majority of his players, yet he is able to help them perform at a very high level because he KNOWS his x's and o's.

So often, we in the fitness field judge ourselves rather harshly for not hitting the pinnacle of physical perfection. We also fear being judged by others who think we "should" have six pack abs and thighs that don't touch. We mistakenly think of our body as a billboard on display. It's not healthy or helpful to have this all or nothing mentality.

Let's remember you can't tell how fit, intelligent, or qualified someone is JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM. Let's be judged instead by the level of care and knowledge we impart to those who trust us with their health and wellness. That's the only measure we need to be concerned with.

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