Transforming My Relationship With Exercise

I was a cigarette smoker in Junior High, High School and part of College. When I turned 20, I decided to quit smokiing. At the time, I was still mired in the diet mentality and smoking served as an appetite suppressant. I was worried about turning to food as a substitute for the cigarettes, so I was hoping to find a non-food alternative to replace the smoking habit.

I started taking step aerobics classes in 1992 and fell in love with the movement. I became a certified instructor a year later. This led to more certifications in the fitness industry, both in group exercise and personal training. As I got more into exercise, it turned more into a compulsion. I was so afraid of food and being out of control, I started using exercise almost as a way of "purging".

Watch my little video and learn more about my transformation with exercise.

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