The Taming of the Shrew (Mini-Me)

Isn't that the name of a Shakespeare Play? As I thought of it, my first thoughts went to my Mini-Me. I do realize there is a different connotation within the play, yet there is relevance in the words when I think about my own destructive Mini-Me.

Mini Me Image

My Mini-Me has created and intricate series of roadways in my brain. She is the BEST at telling me that I am not "good enough". What I hear when she says that is this: You are not thin enough, you are not strong enough, you are not pretty enough, you are not smart enough, you could never do that.

I have listened to that voice for 40+years now. This Mini-Me has direct High-Speed access to highways and roadways in my brain.

I wonder - Can I train her and tame her to drive along a different route? Create different paths, roads, and highways for her to follow? Ones that will be more helpful, supportive and caring? The Answer is YES.

When she rolls back into town telling me how fat and out of shape I am, can I stand my ground firmly, roll my eyes, turn my head and refuse to travel with her? YES! This ONE ACTION will allow those roads not to get used anymore. I have the ability to shut them down. CLOSE THEM FOR GOOD!


Take time to Show my Mini-Me new roads? A New Direction? A Better Route?

  • One that takes her to the Ocean where there is calm, relaxation and peace within myself.

  • One that takes her to the Mountains where there is strength, confidence and hope.

  • One that takes her to the Library where there is growth, learning, possibilities and opportunities.

  • One that takes her to the Playground where there is fun, joy, movement and happiness

  • One that takes her to a lake at sunrise where there is beauty, amazement, gratefulness and hope.

  • One that takes her to a mirror where there is acceptance, appreciation, healing, and love

Creation of a map that supports my journey and purpose. Tame the Shrew and make her my friend and ally.

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