Cyndi - The Trainer Before and After

Weights and Weight Loss

When I first got started in the fitness industry, I was really into helping people "lose weight". And I was good at it too! I was so good at it, because I was always trying to do the same thing, so my purpose and passion was evident. People bought in because they believed that I BELIEVED in what I was offering.

About three years ago, I developed a distaste for "weight loss" as a training goal and I had a crisis of belief. I could no longer reconcile body hate with self improvement. I could no longer, in good faith, help people "lose weight" the way I used to: drastically cutting calories, sometimes eliminating entire food groups, suggesting workouts of boot camp intensity. I couldn't, and wouldn't, do it.

I believe in working out to improving health and wellbeing first and foremost.I no longer wish to help people exercise solely to "lose weight".I no longer wish to be a co-conspirator in someone's quest to force, push and drive their bodies into submission so it fits with the overhyped societal ideal.I no longer wish to encourage other people's body hate.Instead, I want to help women feel better, perform better, move better and eat to nourish themselves. That is the primary focus. And yes, often times, there is some fat loss associated with that. But, that is a side effect, not the main event.

I'd rather lose a potential client than go down that road again.

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