Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged?

Comparison Quote

As you go through your day, notice what you think when you see other women that are larger or smaller than you. Are you critical? Jealous? Judgmental?

Do you look at a thin person and snicker to yourself saying something like, "they must have an eating disorder" or "girlfriend, eat a sandwich!"

Do you look at a larger person with disgust? Do you say that they are "lazy" or "unmotivated"?

Anything that we feel towards another is typically a reflection of ourselves. If we are jealous about how someone is rocking a pair of jeans, that says more about us than it does about them. If we feel superior towards someone who is overweight or obese, that could be a sign that our societal conditioning has falsely taught us that "thin is in and fat equals failure". We so desperately want to conform to the norm, no matter how flawed it may be, just so we aren't ostracized or made fun of.

If you notice that you have some negative reactions as you observe, take a few moments to be aware of them, do not beat yourself up for those feelings and thoughts, and ask yourself where they might be coming from. Gently remind yourself that shaming other people's bodies is not a way to feel better about your own.

Most importantly remember this quote, courtesy of Theodore Roosevelt: Comparison is the Thief of Joy. There is only one you. Therefore, there is no need to compare yourself to anyone.

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