Well, in a nutshell, we've been there. We know the struggle first hand and found our way.  We can help you end the war against food and your body. 

Why should you trust us to help you heal and repair your relationship with food and make peace with your body?

Meet Anne, who:


  • Has the ability to provide you with the knowledge and ammunition you need to call a truce on the war against your body

  • Can share the methods and strategies to help you rid yourself of your mini-me (the harmful, negative voice in your head that degrades you and holds you back)

  • As an eating disorder specialist, can help guide you to find balance and acceptance with food, exercise and life




Anne is recognized by clients, students, and athletes as an expert in the fitness and health field for over 30 years. As a seasoned, innovative and energetic fitness professional with the skills, expertise, knowledge, tools, and experience, Anne uses strategies of strength, conditioning, nutrition and mind set improvement to get results for her clients. She helps to inspire, motivate and empower clients to look, feel, move and perform better.


Excellent interpersonal, teaching and coaching skills have enabled Anne to hold a variety of leadership positions in the Health and Fitness industries. Group class students have said her classes are fun, high energy and beneficial in meeting their goals and report they are the best part of their day.


Anne specializes in:

Working with individuals to learn and create a balanced approach to food, fun, fitness and life. She has the tools to help understand and gain control of your relationship with food, exercise, stress, and negative self-talk, providing you with the ammunition you need to trust, love and accept yourself.  


Certifications include [list them and add images]:

  • B.S. Exercise Science and Health

  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) - NSCA-CSCS

  • AASDN (American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists)​ Nutrition Specialist

  • Drums-Alive! Master Trainer, Presenter and Instructor (Academic Beats, Kids Beats and Golden Beats)

  • Divine Sleep-Yoga Nidra Teacher

  • Yoga-Fit, Yoga-Lean Instructor

  • Physical Mind Institute Mat-Pilates Instructor


"My passion is to teach people how to enjoy movement as play and learn that food is our friend. A well fueled body is a high performing body. Be your body’s ally and advocate instead of its enemy."